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The association of product certification bodies in Europe active in the construction sector


Working Groups


Eurocer-Building is constantly working on the harmonization of product certification schemes. The cooperation among members of Eurocer-Building expanded in 2011 to the commitment to develop Rules as a basis for a European Certification System. Two pilot projects for such a European Certification scheme have started: Concrete paving blocks and Manhole and Gully Tops. For both product families it is aimed to grant a new EB-mark besides the local Certification Mark of the EB-member.


Previous Workshops


13 October 2011 The CPR and Accreditation of Notified Bodies

19 April 2012 Products Sustainability in the construction sector 




3 October 2012: WG02 Development of a European certification scheme (EB-mark)

3-4 October 2012: General Assembly in Vilnius, Lithuania