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The association of product certification bodies in Europe active in the construction sector



Eurocer-Building is an association of individual, independent, high-qualified, multiform product certification bodies. The product certificates of the members support architects and contractors in realizing (quality in) buildings and civil works in the EEA. Voluntary Product Certificates ensure actors in the construction industry, that those products are reliable. Voluntary Product Certificates make the building process – from approval of building products on the building site, up to the incorporation of the products in building and civil works – cost-effective and efficient. 

With a strong association EB members are positioned as individual body and as a collective of bodies in Europe


Vision in the relation to Manufacturers


  • To facilitate manufacturers to deliver in different countries, their building products with product certification marks without duplication of the activities of product certifiers (one-stop-shopping).
  • To facilitate (the association of) manufacturers to supply in the European Economic Area building products with a European EB product certification mark.


Vision in the relation to Individual members and new members


  • To develop one opinion about voluntary product certification.
  • To implement a quality standard for members with as means - among others - the elaboration of registered agreements that respect the EB rules; the application of peer-assessments; the application of round robin testing; the use of certification tools.
  • To develop new product schemes for the members.
  • To exchange information between members about their product certification schemes resulting in eurocer-building agreements.


Vision in the relation to Authorities/legislators/accreditors


  • To assist in developing legislation for the building sector and for accreditation and to be partner in notification affairs of the Commission and the EA.


Vision in the relation to Architects/project developers


  • To support architects/project developers (of the client), which select, prescribe and control the quality of civil and building works they conceive and direct, and to find the suppliers of those quality products.


Vision in the relation to Contractors


  • To support main contractors in their business-to-business contacts with sub-contractors and suppliers, in the execution of the building project, with
  • Cost optimum of the building process leading to quality in civil and building works,
  • A guarantee for the quality of building products in end-use situations and
  • Liability arrangements,
  • Reduces the inspection costs on the building site when taking products.