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Introduction quality marks



Manufacturers often sell their products with a quality mark of a product certification body. Quality marks coexist with CE-marking on building products because quality marks offer added value for the quality of buildings and works in particular countries. 

Eurocer-Building offers information about screened quality marks with as result that the published quality marks are of equal standing, though the quality mark functions in a particular country with particular building customs and habits, particular laws, particular terminology.


The three sides of the bright medal 

Eurocer-building subscribes the importance of private quality marks in the construction industry for establishing buildings and works who will have quality making use of certified products and processes and acknowledges three important parties in this: 

Supply side: suppliers of building products which want to deliver materials which bear the quality mark;
Demand side: professional customers and consumers who appreciate the value of quality marks and use them to manage processes of design and installation knowing that making use of products and processes with a quality mark will fulfill expectations for end-use situations in buildings and works;
Knowledge side: the certification bodies as knowledge institutes assure for and aid in carefully accumulating improved quality in the construction industry (and hence not just as bodies which test for conformity). Third-party product certification bodies act in their own country as a communication specialist in the construction industry and have set themselves several tasks.

 1. Manufacturers


The supplier shows with the quality mark it offers voluntary a level of quality in accordance with market standards which are generally accepted, and, which are also objectively laid down and assessed. It is not the quality assurance level of the supplier, but one set by an independent third party to which the manufacturer conforms in full. Manufacturers are listed by the respective product certification bodies.

2. Professional customer and consumer

Professional customers - architects, engineers, and contractors - recognize the significance of a mark of conformity: quality assurance, meeting quality levels in practice, and, a clear means of communication in the building process. What is important is getting that significance in the eyes of the professional and keeping it there. 

Consumers (users of buildings, associations of owners, private individuals) know that quality marks stand for quality, without knowing exactly how those marks work but they still include them in processes. It is use not only to have consumers associate marks of conformity (for certification) with quality but also to encourage consumers to think about and actively ask for quality marks of conformity (in processes).

3. Certification bodies

Certification bodies are not only bound by marks of conformity. They participate in building processes, have therefore knowledge of products and of the market needs and form links in international collaboration in developing views on and the content of the requisite quality levels in the construction industry. This goes further than checking to ensure that products meet the demands imposed on them. Certification bodies are able to steer towards improved quality on the grounds of their know-how. 

High standard assessment: gold 

Quality marks: gold

Eurocer-building has registered quality marks after assessment of the information about the meaning of each quality mark on building products.  Third party product certification bodies can apply the Management Board of eurocer-building to list the quality mark of the body. The Management Board of eurocer-building carries out the assessment of this information. For more information contact the Secretary General.


Access to the list of registered quality marks