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The association of product certification bodies in Europe active in the construction sector



AENOR sociación Española de Normalización (AENOR) y Certificación Spain info  www.aenor.es
ACE AFNOR Certification France info   www.afnor.org 
BCCA Belgian Construction Certification Association asbl Belgium info   www.bcca.be
CERTIF Associação para a Certificação Portugal info  www.certif.pt
CSTB European Assessments, Certification and Development Section France info  www.cstb.fr
ICMQ Istituto Certificazione e Marchio Qualita per Prodotti Servizi per le costruzione Italy info  www.icmq.it
SKH Stichting Keuringsbureau Hout Netherlands info  www.skh.org
SPSC Statybos Produkcijos Sertfikavimo Centras Lithuania info  www.spsc.lt